How to Prepare for a Job Interview in 2024: Brilliant Tips for Success

By: Joe McDermott | Updated: 14 June, 2024
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Prepare for a job interview

Preparing for a job interview is even more vital in 2024 with the use of new tech based recruitment tools.

In our coaching practice we work with many clients who are coming back into the jobs market after a break. Perhaps they have taken time out to raise a family or study and are now ready to resume their career.

They are sometimes surprised by the changes in the types of interviews and the process, especially the introduction of online video based interviewing.

In this new dynamic landscape of job recruitment, preparing for a job interview is even more of a necessary step.

If you are contemplating a career shift or expect to face a job interview in 2024 then this guide will take you through the key differences and show you how to prepare so that you have a successful outcome.

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What’s Different About Job Interviews in 2024

prepare for video online virtual job interview Virtual Online Video Interviews as Standard: The prevalence of remote work has made virtual interviews a standard practice. Interviews can take place at any time from any location with a combination of both pre-recorded interviews and live becoming the norm.

Learn all about video job interviews with our ultimate guide.

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Screening: AI tools may be increasingly used for initial candidate screening. These tools can analyse resumes, assess skills, and even conduct initial interviews. You should ensure your CV is optimised for AI algorithms and your interview answers show clear keywords required for high scores.

Strengths-Based Interviews Take Centre Stage: While Behavioural and Competency Based Interviews, remain the standard for senior and Civil Service type posts, their use has dwindled, particularly in graduate recruitment. The focus has shifted to strengths-based interviews, emphasising a candidate’s inherent abilities over rigid experience criteria. These explore what you love to do, what you are brilliant at rather than what you have done.

Value-Based Techniques Explore Personality: Modern value-based interview techniques aim to discover whether your values are in line with those of the organisation. Deployed in sectors like healthcare and charity, these interviews delve into past scenarios, interpersonal interactions, and expected outcomes.

Blended Job Interviews for a Holistic Approach:  Some organisations adopt a blended interview approach, amalgamating elements from various techniques to create a comprehensive evaluation process. This dynamic mix may include strengths-based questions, technical questions and formal competency based questions.

Competency, Behavioural Interviews Still Popular: Most large organisations and especially Government and Civil Service use competency and behavioural interviews as standard. Mastering techniques like the STAR method for structuring your answers remains essential.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview in 2024

preparing for a job interview

Preparation for Your Interview is Vital.

Preparing for a job interview in 2024 involves not just being an expert on the company and the job. It also involves adapting to the evolving job market, being aware of what to expect and becoming adept with new technology.

Here’s our top strategies for preparing for a job interview in the current market.

Discover What Interview Format They Use: This is your number 1 task. You must know what format your interview will take as this will allow you to prepare properly. For example, with Civil Service interviews you will be told in advance which behaviours they will examine you on. This makes your interview preparation so much easier.

Discover What They are Looking for: Thorough preparation makes the difference between a good interview and a truly impressive one. Start by delving into the job description and company culture. Uncover details like day-to-day tasks, required skills, and common interview questions specific to the position. This allows you to tailor your responses and showcase how your unique strengths align with the role and company values.

Know Yourself and What You Bring: Be expert with your  CV or resume. Know your experience backwards and be ready to delve into any of your relevant achievements. Have your stories practiced, ready to deliver them smoothly.

Know Your Strengths: Navigating strengths-based interviews demands authenticity. While tailoring responses is tempting, authenticity prevails and honest answers are best.

Research the Company’s Values: A read of the company mission statement and values pages will quickly tell you what they value. Check if yours align with theirs and be ready to show this subtly in your interview answers.

Have Brilliant Answer to the Top 10 Questions: No excuses, you must have powerful answers ready for these common interview questions. Know your tell me about yourself answer perfectly, be clear about your strengths and weaknesses and what you bring to them. These questions may not all come up however your practice will help you answer most other questions they can ask.

Build Your Perfect Competency and Behavioural Answers: Avoid the temptation to wing it. Build answers for each of the core competencies using the STAR method. These stories when structured brilliantly and delivered smoothly can score top marks and deliver the job offer to you.

Showcase Industry Expertise: Research the sector or industry you have applied to. Document and be ready to share relevant articles, news or data. Participate in online discussions and contribute to industry forums and be ready to detail this in the interview. This demonstrates your passion, knowledge, and ability to stay informed.

Network Strategically: In advance, connect with industry professionals, recruiters, and colleagues online. Participating in relevant groups and engaging in meaningful conversations expands your network and opens doors to new opportunities. This will put you above your competitors in terms of the breath of knowledge you will have.

Prepare for Online Video Job Interviews: Be prepared for interviews on Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or other popular platforms.  Download and familiarise yourself with the chosen platform well before the interview. Conduct a test run to check audio/video quality and lighting.

Create a Professional Online Persona: Create an appropriate username to use with your video interview platform. Use your full name  rather than a witty username as this will show to the interviewer.

Review and Curate Your Social Media Profiles: Carefully curate your social media profiles showcasing positive interactions and thoughtful professional posts. Show diverse interests, achievements outside of work as these portray a well-rounded and enthusiastic candidate. Remove inappropriate content as this can raise red flags.

Think About Your Brand Alignment and Cultural Fit: Does your online persona align with the company’s values and culture? Sharing industry-related content, showcasing relevant skills, and demonstrating a passion for the field can resonate with potential employers.

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile: Build a comprehensive LinkedIn profile highlighting your skills, qualifications, endorsements, and professional connections. This serves as a digital CV, providing tangible evidence of your capabilities.

Review Your Achievement with a Focus on Soft Skills: Communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking are increasingly valued in a remote/hybrid work setting. You should expect competency or behavioural questions exploring these.  In advance of your interview, scan your recent experience and build STAR stories related to these key soft skills or competencies required in the role.

Practice Makes Perfect: We cannot emphasise this enough. Practice your answers out oud even of just to the mirror. Even better, conduct mock interviews with friends or family to boost your confidence and refine your responses. If that is not possible, record yourself with your phone or use the InterviewGold webcam feature – see how you look and perform.

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Be Practically Prepared: This means having your interview kit ready, know what you are going to wear both for in person  and online interviews. For the latter, ensure your interview space is appropriate, a disturbance-free environment, with a clutter free background.

Use Online Resources to Help: There is a world of advice online – use it to help with your interview preparation. YouTube videos, blogs, questions and answers are all there.

Continuous improvement: Keep your interview sills up to date. Tap into university career services, use a mentor or consider interview coaching for personalised guidance and practice in a supportive environment.

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