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The STAR Method for Answering Competency Questions

How to use the STAR Method to answer competency and behavioural interview questions like a pro!

Have you been asked a competency or behavioural interview question and failed to answer successfully?

Don’t worry you are not alone.

Joe McDermott | Interview Advice

Civil Service Success Profiles Behaviours

Government recruitment in the UK has changed!

You may have heard that the approach to recruitment within the Civil Service has changed.

The Competency Framework has been replaced by a new recruitment model called “Civil Service Success Profiles” and this will form the basis for all recruitment in 2021 and beyond.


Joe McDermott | Interview Advice

How to overcome interview nerves

So you’ve got the call or email telling you to come for interview for the job you’ve always wanted and…you panic!

You break into a sweat, your heart races, you ask yourself, what will they ask, how should I answer, what will I wear.

Our first piece of advice is to stay calm.


Joe McDermott | Graduates, Interview Advice

graduate job interview questions

In these modern times graduates face very tough competition for jobs, especially in popular areas such as media and technology. As a young graduate you may the impression that you will leave your education and breeze through your interviews into a well-paid and high-ranked role. (more…)

Tips For A Good Webcam Job InterviewWith the increasing levels of global mobility in today’s business world, video interviews are on the rise. Global workforce consulting company Right Management recently found that 18% of candidates have taken part in a video interview in the last twelve months. That’s double the number in the previous year. (more…)