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Since launch in 2006, InterviewGold has helped over 30,000 candidates win jobs from graduate right up to executive level. According to a recent survey 92% of members* said they felt more confident, better prepared and it helped them get a job offer.

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Recent Successes

Just some of the organisations InterviewGold has helped members win jobs with.

What InterviewGold members say:

"Used again for SEO role."

Just to say, I have used the online training twice now, once a few years ago and just again for a SEO role at the CS. I found it very helpful both times. I usually get into a muddle find it so difficult to structure my answers and it really helps with that especially competency stuff. Worked for me but to be honest I'm not sure it would work for say a job in catering or such as it's more high level.

Janice Baxter

"Really pleased."

Joined a month ago and had 2 interviews. Just found out my answer scores and they were the highest I have ever had. Really pleased and all due to the advice from the site!

Barry Longfield, Civil Service

"It was really easy to use."

"I was really impressed by InterviewGold. I liked the fact that it was interactive…it was really easy to use…and I liked that it was online so I could log-in from anywhere. I’d recommend InterviewGold to anyone serious about getting a job."

T Chambers, Civil Engineer

"A job offer from the very first interview."

"I wanted you to know that I used InterviewGold for preparation for my interview. After working with my current employer for 9 years I was looking for a change. With the help I got in preparing for a Competency Based Interview, I have got a job offer from the very first interview. I learned how to structure my answers and I knew what buzz words to use in my examples. I am happy to let other potential users of your product know that it really works and helps one to prepare."

Jay Patel, Watford, UK, Accountant

"I would not hesitate recommending InterviewGold"

"Thanks so much. I worked through the questions and also found the ipar formula invaluable. Happy to say that I got my job offer today, Head of Nursing at a teaching hospital. I would not hesitate recommending InterviewGold to anyone preparing for a job interview. Money well spent."

J. Armstrong, Nursing

"More useful than reading a book."

"The InterviewGold online database of questions is very extensive which enabled me to think more laterally about what could potentially come up in an interview. This package was more useful than reading a book about interview practice because of the interactive nature of it."

Alice Lomax, Management Post, Government

"I spent only about 45 worked and I got the job."

"I didn't have much time to prepare as my interview was the following day, so I spent only about 45 minutes going through the InterviewGold course. Amazingly it worked and I got the job. Thanks."

Brian Small, Nursing

"I have been successful in securing a job offer."

"Thanks to your advice and support via the InterviewGold programme, I am delighted to inform you that I have been successful in securing a job offer, subject to references."

M Liu, Colchester, Adult Nurse Band 6

"This was perfect."

"My interview was the next day and I wanted a quick, easy to use guide and this was perfect. Some great tips and ideas."

John Sargeant, Colchester, UK, Marketing Administrator

"The training really helped"

"I always dreaded interviews and in fact didn't move jobs because of my fears. I was very unsure of what to say or how to present myself and I never knew whether I was even saying the right thing. With the InterviewGold system, I learned the right structures for answering and what to include in the answers. It helped me build my confidence and really helped me get my new job."

Nigel Duncan, Manchester, Media Sector

"I got the job!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I had my interview on Friday for a Marketing and Communications manager in the Civil Service, and I just found out that I got the job! I really do not think that I would have got it without the use of your InterviewGold programme. The questions were really tough but I must have been sufficiently prepared and practising had given me the confidence!."

J. Hopes, Marketing and Communications

"Great value."

"Excellent, so much better than anything else I have come across and great value for the quality and amount of content. Thank you."

Andrew Campion, London W1, Head of Administration

"Gave me such a confidence boost."

"I just want to say a big thank you to all at InterviewGold. I found your training extremely helpful and followed all your guidance. I had my interview on Monday night and I got the job. It's a perfect teaching job in a fabulous school and I am delighted. It gave me such a confidence boost and really made me believe I could succeed. It was my first interview for over 4 years and I couldn't have done it without the aid of the InterviewGold team. Thank you so much. Regards."

Elaine, Northern Ireland

"I will recommend you to my colleagues."

"Thanks. By the way, I am very impressed by your programme and by your back up support. I will recommend you to my colleagues."

P. Tonge, Teacher

"I was extremely pleased with the on line course."

BFoster"I was successful and was offered a new position which I have now accepted. I was extremely pleased with the on line course. Having been offered the position I asked for some feedback; I was informed that I answered clearly and with confidence and in a manner which they would have expected of a person already in the position. Thank you once again."

B. Foster, Manchester

"I got my dream job."

"I wanted to tell you just how much your programme helped me within the space of one week! I got my dream job of Deputy Head in a secondary school yesterday. I cannot thank you enough."

Name Withheld, Education Sector

"It was a massive help."

"I got a job thanks to InterviewGold. The position I went for had approx. 100 candidates and after a first interview, I got down to the last 2 and finally got the job! InterviewGold was a massive help to feel prepared - even though the nerves took over when I was in there, it seems that my brain continued on automatic pilot and just spilled out the answers I'd been working on beforehand."

C. Skakle, Customer Advisor, Charity Sector

"Money well spent."

"I have recommended the InterviewGold coaching to friends and they have also given me really positive feed back. Money well spent."

Fouziya Oluwaleye, Bristol, BS16, Customer Care Advisor

"I found the Answer Builder module a great help."

"I'm generally terrible in interviews and my main problem is how to give good answers...quite often I just go blank and mumble and never know what to say. I was very pleased that I signed up and I found the Answer Builder module a great help, really liked the way it helped me develop my own answers. I especially liked that I could create answers with the tools but using my own examples. The sample answers were great too and I really liked that the questions were just like the ones I was being asked in my real interviews. Overall, really useful - thank you!

Saher, London, E3, Secondary Teacher

"It helped me get through three difficult interviews."

“To be honest I hadn't expected your product to help much at my level but I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the information and the accuracy of the questions and answers. I am convinced it helped me get through three difficult interviews and I have just been told I have the job. So, just to say you have a great product, thanks. "

Charles Johnson, USA, IT Project Manager

"Very useful"

"Hi There, I'm very happy with this product and have found it very useful."

H Singha, Birmingham, Project Manager

"I have been offered the job"

"...most of the questions asked were the ones I prepared for from InterviewGold. This gave me the confidence to answer the rest without any problems. I have been offered the job."

T. Shah, Bradford, Senior Network I.T. Analyst

"This course was brilliant."

"I would like to say that I think this course was brilliant and I am pleased to say that I was successful in my interview. The position I got was an underwriting manager in Financial Services Industry. I applied for this position 12 months ago and I was unsuccessful. After doing the InterviewGold online course it really opened my eyes to where I previously went wrong. Very quickly after starting to use it I realised I had been making lots of stupid mistakes. This time around I was more positive, confident and I really sold myself. I really do believe that the course was my key to success - it gives you so much confidence to believe in yourself and sell yourself."

A. Thomas, Financial Services Manager

"Just want to let you know that your product has been very helpful. Using your tips and your site, I have just landed a new job."

Charles Osman, Carlisle, Mortgage Advisor

"Helped me to get the job."

"I would like to thank you for your interview techniques. They were of great value to me in my interview and I believe helped me to get the job. Thanks."

C. Gonzales, Healthcare Assistant

"Questions were as asked"

"I didn't have time to get to a course and I tried InterviewGold and found it really useful. The questions were exactly as asked and the answer tips were a real help."

Dr BZ, Burton-on-Trent (O&G ST3)

"Better than overcrowded Medical Interview courses"

"Really useful and so much better than other overcrowded Medical Interview courses I've been to! I liked the fact that I could log-on and study when I wanted."

J. Tarrel (ST1)

"Confidence to sail through the first round."

"Thank you, with InterviewGold, I gained enough confidence and tips to sail through the first round yesterday. I wasted money on a useless one to one interview coach before discovering your website at the last minute."

N. Mills, London, Salaried GP

"Got a place in Psychiatry"

"I used InterviewGold to help me with interview in Psychiatry ST1 and I have to let you know that I got my place. Your course was a great help and I am happy to recommend it, thank you."

Dr G Salma, Belfast, Medical

"Helped me built my confidence."

"Hi!! I purchased your interview course last Saturday for a summer placement interview that I had last Monday. You can't imagine how helpful your material was. InterviewGold helped me built my confidence and allowed me to demonstrate my capability and commitment without even having to answer questions. The next day I received a phone call telling me I obtained the job! Thanks again."

A. Bolivar, Graduate Placement

"Why I got hired so fast."

"I used the InterviewGold system to help me prepare for my first interviews just after graduating and I am sure it was one of the reasons why I got hired so fast. All of the features were useful but the Interview Me videos and the Answer Builder module were just perfect for me. I hadn’t been to an interview before and they really showed me exactly what it was like."

Chris Pilkington, Graduate

"Great for first timers."

"Very good value and great for first timers like me."

Julie Adams West London, Graduate

"Landed the job within 24hrs."

"I would like to say thank you for the great interview techniques, questions and answers. Excellent program, really easy to use and I landed the job within 24hrs!"

Craig Gardner, Graduate

"Helped me feel more confident"

"I had an interview coming up and was looking for some help. I signed up to InterviewGold and must say I'm really glad I did. Overall, I found the online training useful and certainly helped me feel more confident. It would be great to have more of the sample interview videos though - I really liked them."

Vanessa Whitaker , London, UK

"Helped me prep my answers."

"I found the whole InterviewGold pack very helpful. It certainly helped me prep my answers to the possible questions I might be asked. ."

N. Unger, Communications

"All my interview questions."

“I felt more confident after going through the InterviewGold questions and was successful in my final interview in Barclays Bank. All my interview questions were from InterviewGold. Earlier before I got registered with your web site I was unsuccessful in many banking interviews with RBS, Nationwide, Halifax, and HSBC. As this is my first job in the Banking sector the complete credit in securing this job goes to InterviewGold.”

Halima Begum, Banking

"I got offered both jobs."

“Within 1 week after starting training with InterviewGold I had two interviews in Banking and I got offered both jobs. It made such a difference and I don’t think I would have been so successful if I hadn’t used it. What I found most useful is the fact that it was specific to my job. So rather than wasting my time with lots of general advice or questions, the information I had was all related to my Banking interview.”

Georgia Simmons, Banking, London

"Gave me lots of confidence."

"I hadn't done an interview for many years and your program was a great help. It gave me lots of confidence."

Mrs P Marshall, London, UK, Secretary

"A fantastic help."

“It helped enormously. I hadn’t been to an interview for many, many years so when I was invited to a Competency Based Interview I had no idea what that was. I was in such a panic, but InterviewGold was a fantastic help. It taught me what to expect and how to answer correctly.”

Paula Fleming, PA, London

"The questions kept coming up."

“Many thanks and thanks for a great site. It is amazing how the questions kept coming up in my interview. Still waiting to hear if I got the job.”

Susan Parry, Dublin 9, Legal Secretary

"I start in June"

“Just a quick update - I got the job and should start in June. Thanks for your help and support.”

Ian Bartley, London, SW12, Retail Store Manager

"I felt so much more confident."

"I only had a few interviews before and I normally get so nervous beforehand but I felt so much more confident after using InterviewGold. My interview went great and I got the job. Thank you."

Sharon Clarke, Sydney, Australia

"Plenty in the different modules that will be of assistance"

“My interview is for Head of Admin services in ________ council running the committees so it's a local government post. I'm a lawyer and it's usually a lawyer that is appointed to that type of post. I thought your programme was very good and there is plenty in the different modules that will be of assistance.”

Barry Grainger, Manchester, M20, Local Government

"I could access the program straight away"

"I did not have much time to prepare and I liked the fact that I could access the program straight away."

Venkat Razoq, Leicestershire, LE9, Hotel Manager

"A huge value add to candidates"

“Anyway I very much appreciate the information provided and think the InterviewGold online system is great, a huge value add to candidates.”

Clare Fisher, Sydney, Australia, Management Consultant

"I loved the Interview Me part."

"The InterviewGold online program gave me a real confidence boost and I loved the Interview Me part. I felt as though I was in a real interview."

Mrs M Sinclair, Perth, Scotland, HR Administrator

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