Summer Job Interview Tips

By: Andrew Reed | Updated: 25 September, 2018 | Category: Graduates, Job Search

Job Interview Tips for the SummerSummer is well and truly upon us and the sun has finally got his hat on. This sort of weather can often be one of the only things that makes being unemployed seem more fun than being at work, but don’t let that affect your dedication and your interview preparation. It’s true that most of us would rather be down the beach on days like this but it’s a cold, hard fact of life that we just wouldn’t all fit. Most people have to work!

So don’t let the gorgeous weather distract you, and let the sun be on your side as you stride confidently into your next job interview, soaked in vitamin D. Here are our interview training tips for having a successful summer in the job market.

Watch what you wear – Whether it’s a teaching interview, a nursing interview or a medical interview, our top tip is not to over dress. Wearing too many hot and stuffy ‘interview clothes’, which are often black, could make you overheat. You won’t be on top form as you’ll be distracted with finding ways to cool down, or with trying not to look too flustered! However, be careful not to wear too little either and keep to a happy medium.

Keep hydrated – for the same reasons as above, and more. Your brain needs water in order to function properly, so ditch the coffee and opt for H2O if you want your interview answers to be spot on.

Be prepared – make sure you practice the job interview skills that you’ve gathered, and try to make a mental list of techniques and answers before you go in. This way, you won’t get caught short of an answer, or forget to ask a vital question.

Be considerate – luckily, everyone tends to be happier in the sunshine, but remember, your interviewer is probably going to be stuck inside all day trying to find the right person for the job at hand. Try not to create resentment by speaking about how you are going off afterwards to relax for the rest of the day as you wait for their call. You don’t want them to feel jealous. At the same time, don’t be afraid to make some light conversation, as it’s important that you are seen to be a good person to work with and first impressions really do count. Don’t forget to smile!

Make sure that you have done your research properly – This is absolutely vital when attending a job interview – in any sector. You need to know as much as possible about the company, the services it provides, and what it stands for. Knowing that little bit of extra information and showing a keen interest could land you the job. One top tip is to connect with them on social media platforms and bring up a topic mentioned by them via this medium. This will show that you are engaged with the business.

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