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Joe McDermott | Graduates, Interview Advice

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In these modern times graduates face very tough competition for jobs, especially in popular areas such as media and technology. As a young graduate you may the impression that you will leave your education and breeze through your interviews into a well-paid and high-ranked role. (more…)

Tips For A Good Webcam Job InterviewWith the increasing levels of global mobility in today’s business world, video interviews are on the rise. Global workforce consulting company Right Management recently found that 18% of candidates have taken part in a video interview in the last twelve months. That’s double the number in the previous year. (more…)

graduates interview skillsHave you just graduated? Facing the World of work for the first time and want some top job interview tips?

Welcome you to these exclusive job interview tips for new graduates provided by the team of coaches here at InterviewGold. (more…)

Andrew Reed | Graduates, Job Search

Job Interview Tips for the SummerSummer is well and truly upon us and the sun has finally got his hat on. This sort of weather can often be one of the only things that makes being unemployed seem more fun than being at work, but don’t let that affect your dedication and your interview preparation. It’s true that most of us would rather be down the beach on days like this but it’s a cold, hard fact of life that we just wouldn’t all fit. Most people have to work! (more…)

Andrew Reed | Graduates, Job Search

Work experience -After-GraduationThe end of your University life can give rise to a strange mixture of feelings. You’ll probably be feeling wistful and perhaps a little sad about the fact that an exciting period of your life has drawn to a close.

You’ll be happy that you’ve met so many new people, made lifelong friends and academically achieved a great deal. You’ll hopefully be excited about what life has in store for you over the next few years. However, you might also be feeling lost or uncertain about your job prospects. (more…)