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Everything you need for successful applications and interviews all in one place.

Powerful Answer Builder
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  • Powerful Answer Builder will write your answers
  • Creates Cover Letters, Personal and Suitability Statements
  • Builds detailed answers to any interview or application question
  • Full STAR competency answers created based on your achievements
  • 10,000+ interview questions with answer guides
  • 100+ detailed lessons with proven strategies
  • Video tutorials and sample video answers
  • Instant access 24/7 - practice when and how you want
  • 12 months membership with one single payment
  • Perfect for applications and interviews

"A job offer from the very first interview"

"I used InterviewGold for preparation for my interview. With the help I got in preparing for a competency based interview, I have got a job offer from the very first interview."

BT, London UK

"Help with my nerves"

"Being one of those people who just dread interviews I have tried everything over the years to help with my nerves. I have discovered that the only solution is lots of preparation and I found your interviewgold site does that brilliantly. I felt a lot more relaxed leading up to the interview and in the interview my nerves were pretty much under control. So thank you! "

Anthea, Dublin 2, Ireland
Project Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Answer Builder work?

You enter your target job and employer, plus some keywords about your recent jobs, experience, skills and achievements and it writes answers tailored specifically to you. Including STAR answers for competency and behavioural questions plus strengths, technical and traditional. In fact, any question you pose it will answer.

Q. How accurate are the mock interviews?

Based on your target job and employer, the system creates a series of mock interviews for you with likely questions. Feedback from users show an accuracy level of over 80% and you also get sample answer guides to every question.

Q. Does it cover Competency and Behavioural Interviews?

Yes the system has been designed very much with Competency Interviews in mind. Not only will it write detailed STAR answers based on your achievements, it also provides you with detailed lessons, sample answers and expert strategies for answering successfully. It covers 45 different competencies including the 9 Civil Service Behaviours.

Q. Is it up to date?

Yes it is bang up to date for 2024. The recruitment market changes constantly and so we are continuously reviewing and adding questions, content and answers. We make sure it reflects current recruitment practices and guidelines.

Q. Who has created the system?

All of the information in the program including the questions and answers have been developed by our team of professional interview coaches alongside specialist HR professionals with experience of recruitment in .

Q. Is it easy to use?

It is very easy and enjoyable to use. No training is required and all you need is access to the internet. Simply log in and enjoy all it's features. Online and so easy to use.

Q. Do I have to pay again to access other jobs?

With your subscription, you can prepare for up to 5 different target jobs. After logging in, go to the Dashboard and click on the 'Change Job' Button to select a different sector, job or level.

Q. How do I pay and how long before I get my order?

Access is INSTANT, no waiting and nothing to download. You can pay securely with a card and once done you will automatically come back to this site. You will enter an email and password and will then be taken directly into the program.

Q. What if I'm not happy with it, do you offer a guarantee?

Yes we do. We know that by using InterviewGold you can significantly improve your interview skills. Feedback from users shows the program has helped win job offers. If however you are not completely satisfied just get in touch within seven days and we will provide you with a full 100% refund. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

Q. Does it auto-renew and take more payments?

No. It is a one off payment which gives you either 3 months or 12 months access. At the end of that period it simply comes to an end with no auto-renewal or payments taken.

Q. Can you guarantee I will get the job?

Unfortunately not. There are factors unrelated to your interview performance which can impact the job offer. For example, there may be another candidate with more experience, or even an internal candidate given priority. By using the system the objective is to ensure you are fully prepared, confident, ready for your interview and much better placed to get the job offer.

Q. How do I access it?

Access InterviewGold from anywhere at any time, from computer, laptop or tablet. Simply log in here. Practice for your interview 24/7 with all of it's great, easy to use features and you will quickly and easily develop the skills to land any job.

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