Is a little white lie on your CV a big deal?

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Winning a job in this economic climate is tough and a recent poll by InterviewGOLD found that around half of candidates are resorting to lying to land an interview.

This is an increase of 13% since the interview skills training company conducted the same research 2 years ago. Joe McDermott, CEO of InterviewGOLD, commented that these figures illustrate the pressure on applicants in today’s job market. “Applicants are resorting to telling blatant lies about their skills on their CV and at interviews but this could be worse in the long run. You will be unable to perform adequately in the role and will get caught out.” Despite this risk only 39% of those questioned felt guilty and panicked that they would get found out.

The online poll found that what most people actually feared in an interview was clamming up in the hot seat. 58% of people panicked that they were not prepared enough and would buckle under the pressure. However this is easily avoidable if you take the time and use the information out there to prepare thoroughly.

Follow these 4 simple steps to avoid an attack of nerves in the interview room:

– Research your company. Read their website and other literature as well as the more obvious job description and person specification – thoroughly.

– Practice your communication skills. You may be confident that you know the answers to the interview questions but if you don’t convey your message properly you may be selling yourself short. Clear and structured answers are essential.

– Give evidence. An effective way of communicating your answer is to give real examples. Show evidence in the form of reports or statistics or bring examples of your work.

– Present yourself professionally. Dress up (and appropriately) for the occasion and you will look and feel like a winner. It does make a difference to your attitude too.

InterviewGOLD has a 97% positive feedback rate in helping candidates succeed at their job interview by preparing them thoroughly and teaching them how to sell themselves like winners. Each tailor made programme covers modules such as sample interview questions, interactive webcam practice facilities and presentation practice exercises.

To avoid clamming up or telling fibs in the interview room find out more now.

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