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graduates interview skillsHave you just graduated? Facing the World of work for the first time and want some top job interview tips?

Welcome you to these exclusive job interview tips for new graduates provided by the team of coaches here at InterviewGold. (more…)

Andrew Reed | Interview Advice

What To Do During A Telephone InterviewHaving a job interview via the phone can be somewhat nerve wracking if you have never done it before.

For those who pride themselves on their physical presence in a room, it can seem a little daunting, as they only have their voice to rely on. For others, the thought of not having to worry about how you look or what to wear is a definite perk. Either way, an interview is still an interview and you should be on top form even if you don’t have to go into your prospective employer’s offices. (more…)

Medical Interview Questions and Answers
Have you got your ST3 or ST4 medical interview coming up? Being interviewed for an Internal Medicine Training (IMT) post and want to know what to expect? Looking for an idea of the interview questions and answers?

Job recruitment and the accompanying selection process is becoming increasingly complex as competition for top jobs becomes ever fiercer. Employers want to be sure that an employee will live up to expectations before taking them on, especially in certain well paid specialised areas, and therefore deploy a range of interview tests and exercises alongside the basic interview. (more…)

Annette Lewis | Interview Advice

skype job interviewMore and more employers are now using Skype job interviews to screen candidates as part of the selection process. Most of these are done via webcam and are a cost effective way of eliminating unsuitable applicants early in the process. (more…)