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Competency Based Interviews 2019  Questions, Answers, Examples.

Competency Based Interviews are still here in 2019!

Despite changes to recruitment processes, as we have seen with the Civil Service’s recent move to using Success Profiles Behaviours, competency based interviews will still be used at all levels. They may not be as tightly structured as before however they are an effective means of exploring prior experience and are still very popular. (more…)

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Why Going to a Job Interview is like Going on a DateImagine the scene.  You are dressed up in your best outfit, primped and preened, feeling a little tense, butterflies in your stomach and your heart all aflutter. You are waiting for a stranger to appear and you are on your best behaviour.

It is striking how easily this scenario could relate to going on a first date just as well as going to a job interview and perhaps there are some lessons which can be learnt from dating which will help in your interview. (more…)

How to Answer Interview QuestionsSo we now come to a topic which occupies the minds of most interview candidates; how to answer the interview questions correctly and successfully. Surely this is just the same as having a conversation you ask? In one sense it is however the reality is that communicating in a job interview is very different than having a ‘chat’ and in this article I give some of my top tips for giving great answers. (more…)

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What is a Job Interview?Ok, so in this article I get right down to basics and answer a surprisingly commonly asked question: What is a job interview? Also I discuss why going to the job interview is like going on a date!

You would imagine that most people know what a job interview is however that is not the case. For those who are just entering the job market for the first time such as graduates or school leavers the job interview is a new experience and for people who perhaps have immigrated the interview process might be somewhat different to what they are familiar with.


Joe McDermott | Interview Advice

Manager Interviews – a Tough Job Interview ProcessEnglishman John Browett has been appointed as new Head of Retail at Apple after a year long worldwide search.

This goes to show that employers are taking their time to find the right candidates to fill jobs, especially more senior positions such as management roles. These roles are crucial to the efficient running of the business and it is essential to recruit the right person.